I still have a dozen seedling tomatoes….I had the same amount of eggplant but they finally succumbed to my wacky schedule and oft forgotten watering methods. My mom just gave me two 2cu ft bags of potting soil today. A good friend also sent some soil along today. SO I picked up a set of cheap pots from Walmart and I will be potting up the last of the seedlings and hoping they set fruit before frost.

I would just forget about them, but they are my heirlooms and I “heart” them. White Cherry, Cherokee Purple, Tiny Tim, and Black Krim. The bright red pots were chosen for cost ($3 each) and the fact that they sell red soil covering and “tomato trays” to help develop tomatoes that are red. SO maybe they will help them grow faster/better/stronger.

Edited to add (ETA): I potted out the Cherokee Purple, White Cherry and Mortgage Lifter tomatoes last week sometime. They’ve grown by about half the height when planted. Not sure if I like the saucer on the bottom of the pots as it made for some standing water in one where the gutter overflowed in the downpour on Monday. May pop them off and store for next year. Found some tomato cages at Dollar General for $2 each. Cheaply made by sufficient for my late season desperation. I may look into the cost to buy and powder coat a batch for myself next year.