tangerine KA

So today I took the plunge and bought a Kitchenaid stand mixer from work (Target). I am now the proud (mostly) owner of a KSM95 in Tangerine. Which is one of the colors we had this summer as a special color. Cost=$299.99 originally, clearance at $149.99 minus my 10% team discount and 5% redcard discount. While I would rather have white than the tangerine color, I figure it will be ages before I find another K mixer at this price. It should do me ok until I can afford to buy the raspberry ice beauty of my dreams. Its a 4.5qt, 300watt. It comes with a stainless bowl, but I just talked to the KA support peeps and the beautiful glass 5qt bowl will fit it perfectly. Which means I can have a nice shiny, made in the US clear bowl for about half of what I paid for it. Guess whats going on my Christmas list? I also think I will likely paint it. Which won’t give me the same pink as the raspberry ice, but I already own a lovely pink or turquoise which would work. There are also textured paints and such which would be keen.

Here’s a couple ideas that caught my fancy in searching from home:

VAL65089_PREM_GLOSS_MEDITERRANEAN  Valspar Premium Enamel Spray Paint in GLOSS TROPICAL OASIS 85089


Chipsilverhammered  Rustoleum Hammered Spray Paint in Silver Hammered 245219



4331_bright_pink  Valspar Silk Spray Paint in BRIGHT PINK 66300


4330_jade  Valspar Silk Spray Paint in PETROL BLUE 66301


66501_GLITTER  Valspar Glitter Spray Paint in TRANSPARENT SILVER  66501


Since the kitchen is currently filled with bags of everything from drink mixers to utensil holders and cereal I have nowhere to put the new mixer, let alone to use it. My goal this evening is to unpack and put away enough to find the Barefoot Contessa Marshmallow Mixes my mom gave me a couple years ago I’ve tucked away for just such an occasion. Which is a good thing as it seems to not be sold anymore….it is of course expired but being gelatin and sugar and some preservatives I have no worry as to it working just fine.  Here’s a link to a 2009 review on Serious Eats: click for review.

Of course there are many more things I have bookmarked which start with “attach the paddle to your stand mixer” so I will have many more things to make coming into the holiday season….but marshmallows have been the one thing I’ve been dying to make that the $10 hand mixer my mother-in-law bought me when we got married just isn’t going to handle. Saw a KA hand mixer on clearance at work as well…next price drop it may come home as well….