I, like many of my fellow gardeners, am a bit of a seed addict. Which means that even though my bin of seeds is jammed full I’ve already picked up a couple packs of seds this season and am planning a tomato seed purchase. I’m not sure what this season will bring me for available space, but I am contemplating the integration of vining plants into the perennial bed. I miss cukes and squash and pumpkins. I am also looking into obtaining a plot in a community garden.

So I’ve set about to count and organize the seeds I have, so I can focus on what I want to order and acquire for the season. I dug out the bucket with my partial packets and clearance seeds from Reny’s this past summer( at five to twenty-five cents each for veggies, herbs and flowers I couldn’t resist a couple-dozen). And the couple I’ve bought this summer. Here’s what I have laying around the house right now unopened:
Self-Saved in 2011
Sugar Pumpkins
Tumbling Toms Tomatoes(purchased at Wentworth Greenhouse)
Black Krim Tomatoes
Yellow Pear Tomatoes (from organic heirloom Burpee seed)
Packed for 2012
(2) 300mg Heirloom True lavender-lavandula officinalis
(1) 300mg Lavender Lady-lavandula angustifolia
(1) 160mg Purple Ruffles Basil
(1) 75mg Tumbler Hybrind Tomato
(1) 3g Heirloom Cinderella Pumpkin
(1) 1g Jack-be-Little Pumpkin
(1) 3g Green Patty Pan Squash
(1) 2g Heirloom Homemade Pickles Cucumber-cucumis sativus
(2) 29g Heirloom Royal Burgundy Bean
Packed for 2011
(1) 210mg Sweet Basil
(1) 1.5g Long Island Mammoth Dill
(1) 160mg Purple Ruffles Basil-ocimum basilicum
(1) 300mg Moss Curled Parsley
(1) 100mg Chives
(1) 6g Dwarf Gray Sugar Pea
(1) 1.8g Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce
(1) 800mg Green Salad Bowl Lettuce
(1) 1.35g French Breakfast Radish
(1) 200mg Black Beauty Eggplant
(1) 900mg National Pickling Cucumber
(1) 700mg Imperial 45 Cantaloupe
(1) 4g Black Beauty Squash
(1) 3g Green Patty Pan Squash
(1) 3g Spaghetti Squash
(1) 3.75g Table Queen Acorn Squash
(1) 1g Crimson Sweet Watermelon
(1) 600mg Sugar Baby Watermelon
(1) 175mg Rutgers Select Tomato
(1) 725mg Large Red Cherry Tomato
(1) Long White Cucumber
(1) 2.5g Italian Salad Blend
Packed for 2010
(1) 2g Chantenay Carrot-short n sweet
(2) 4.5g White Icicle Radish
(1) 1oz Heirloom Mammoth Mmelting Sugar Pea
(1) 20g Early Glow Hybrid Sweet Corn
(1) 14g Ruby Queen Hybrid Sweet Corn

Here’s what I have thats been opened and partially used:
(1) Long Island Mammoth Dill
(1) Tiny Tim Tomato-from Ebay 2009
(1) Purple Haze Carrot-from Ebay 2009
(1) Purple Jalapeno Pepper-from Ebay 2010
(1) Rosa Bianca Eggplant-from Ebay 2010
(1) Early White Scallop Squash-from Ebay 2010
(1) Heirloom Tom Thumb Lettuce
(1) Charentais Melon
(1) Grey Belle Watermelon
(1) Orange Tendersweet Watermelon
(1) Sugar Baby Watermelon
(1) Cherry Belle Radish
(1) Crimson Giant Radish
(1) Cocozelle Squash
(1) Early Prolific Straighneck Squash
(1) Spaghetti Squash
(1) unknown fancy zucchini squash-silvery
(1) Carolina Hybrid Cucumber
(1) Black Beauty Eggplant

I also have a dozen or so varieties of flower seeds from phlox to moonflowers. Including pansy, petunia and columbine seeds I saved myself.

What I will pick up as a minimum:
Cherokee Purple Tomato
some variety of paste tomato
some variety of grape/cherry tomato
another color of patty pan squash-maybe two (they come in yellow, white and green)
round squash types
some snap peas
some radishes
maybe some garlic or onion starts

I’m planning on purchasing a little inside greenhouse to help start my plants this season. Maybe a grow light. With any luck I can grow some extra seedlings to swap or sell. With such a mild spring so far I can’t wait to get started and figure out how to organize the garden. I want to try the three sisters method if I get a plot. It seems to do well for lots of people and the decreased weeding sounds good.