My Garden

Our garden was in containers and planters in front of our apartment and sometimes alongside of it. Its hard to garden without nice flat land and a hose to water it with.
The last year’s “garden” included (pot count-pots may hold more than one plant):
(6) blueberry bushes in grower’s pots
(2) Tumbling Tom tomatoes in hanging baskets
(7) Black Krim tomatoes
(6) Yellow pear tomatoes
(3) Tiny Tim tomatoes
(2) Cherokee Purple tomatoes
(1) White Cherry tomato
(1) Black Beauty eggplant
(1) French melon
(1) Sugar Pie pumpkin
(1) Yellow squash (I think)
(1) Acorn squash (I think)
(1) half barrel of Ozark strawberries
(1) Sugar snap peas
(3) window boxes of herbs (basil, peppermint, chives, dill, rosemary, cilantro, parsley)
(2) lettuce/radish combination

I also had hanging baskets and planters of roses, petunias, violas and violets to round out a combination of pretty and useful. I didn’t want to have just greenery so flowers made for a balanced look and universal appeal.

We also had a more formal perennial garden next to the driveway. It was between our apartment building and the one next door. Eventually we hoped it will grow enough to be a visual barrier between them. It included three types of lilacs (including a big one that was there to start), roses, tall phlox, echinacea (pink and white), salvia, two types of columbine, catmint, two types of heuchera, a rhododendron, low phlox (four colors), rudbeckia, and an edging of annuals that have reseeded.

There was also a small “lawn” of grass between the perennial garden and the river. It got a retaining wall built by my husband and a neighbor out of rocks and a broken telephone pole. There were also hostas, phlox and sunflowers along the retaining wall.

At our house now I’ve had one raised bed with tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, lavender, eggplant, and sagebrush. Its not done too well with where its located, but it is being moved this summer (2017). We also have been putting in an orchard and berry bushes at the top of the hill next to the driveway. There is also a flower garden right at the edge of the land that looks out to the four way intersection we live at. Because why not give the people at the stop sign across the street something nice to look at?