We have to move yet again. This will mark the fourth place we’ve lived in the seven years we’ve been married and living together. It will be our second winter rental though, which makes it seem like more moves, but at 6-8 months for a winter rental it means you have to move again after you’ve just finally settled in. Our current place we have lived at for two years, but the landlord is being foreclosed upon so out we go. We got six weeks notice…

We got lucky with this rental as its through a friend of the family. We almost missed out on it, but the other interested party missed out instead. So we will get to spend the winter on the other side of the beachfront from where we spent it last time. It will cost less though, which is a nice bonus. We loved living at the beach in the “off” season. The spring was especially nice….since it gets plenty warm before move out day and we are close enough to walk.

We will be trying to shed some “stuff” in the moving. Selling the lovely sectional couch my mother-in-law gifted us when she got remarried, the roll-top desk we bought but don’t have a use for since its not computer friendly, and possibly the dresser and mis-matched end tables. The kitchen table and bed will be going with us. I love my kitchen table, which also came from my mother-in-law. Its pretty, solid wood and just big enough when the leaves are out and its folded down. But plenty big with the leaves in and all folded out. Its to versatile to sell and have to replace down the road with an antique or expensive modern piece.

I’ll be sorting through the cupboards for expired food, stuff we can’t possibly use after the “best by” dates. I did it once a couple months ago, but not everything. This will cover the snacks and cereals as well as the sauces, spices and condiments. A friend will be allowed to pick through the culled items, as she’s not terribly picky like my husband. Also being looked through are the canned goods. Anything I’ve decided I didn’t like will be dumped or pawned off at work so I can move clean, empty jars and not uneaten preserves. With any luck I will have a nicer kitchen and will need the jars empty so I can refill them.

Papers, books, magazines and other miscellaneous goods will be sorted as well. Some tossed, some donated, and some set aside for a yard sale. I’m thinking if I can get everything sorted and tagged we can have an indoor sale after the place is empty. Then we’ll just have the furniture we’re selling and the goods. Everything not sold can be packed up to donate.

I’ve been bringing boxes home from work, mostly from my department. Not banana boxes (which are annoying with that empty space on the bottom) but ground beef boxes with nice handles, egg boxes with nice handles and a small size, cracker boxes, etc. Some deep produce boxes with no lids have come home to hold yard sale goods as well. Nice and sturdy and free. Organization by price makes for easier selling, especially if everything ends up on the floor.

I am bringing my blueberry bushes in their 5gallon buckets. I am bringing my strawberries in their fake wine barrel planters. I am thinking about digging up some of the perennials and bushes (I have three roses and three lilacs I am attached to). If we decide against it there will be a dig-your-own plant sale at the yard sale. We will actually be selling the yard…lol. But the plants were all furnished by us and as such belong to me to do with as I please before the bank takes over….we put too much effort into the yard to just leave it for someone else to profit by after we are gone. At $5 a plant I will make enough to put away for a future garden, and still offer a bargain, since they are two year old plants and many were 2gallon plants-normally $10 or more each. We’ll clean out the deck boxes and probably bring the window boxes, but leave the planter bases. It will depend on the new place and if we think we can bring them with us without ruining the yard.

I’m looking forward to the chance to grow and become a lighter person by getting rid of stuff we don’t need. Weeding through the clutter we accumulate and hold onto. Making it easier to move again in the spring…possibly for the last time.