lemons in strainer

I’ve always loved lemon flavored things. Lemon drops are some of my favorite candies. Not because they are sour, but because they are tart. Which is subtly different in an upscale adult way. Once I started really branching out into preserving I learned there are more types of lemons than the plain ones we get in the supermarket. There are magical, memorable yellowy-orange globes of magnificence called Meyer lemons. I became obsessed with finding them near me and realized I’ve probably overlooked them for years.

They sell them in season in special little bags with 4-6 lemons. My favorite grocer for produce has them on the exotic produce cart. Next to the lemon grass, kiwi and celery root. Now that I know what I am looking for and where to find it I’ve been working on finding better Meyers, aka organic. Of course the fancy Fresh Market carries them, and at pretty reasonable rates if I don’t purchase oodles. I imagine Trader Joes may carry them as well, and may venture to check next year.I ran into a sale at my favorite produce clearinghouse and snapped up five bags for $5 so I’ve been cramming in testing out all the recipes I’ve always wanted to try but didn’t have enough lemons for. Because you will be eating the rind in several of the preparations it is always best to use organic, as most of the pesticides end up in the rind. I’ve used conventional for years though, scrubbing the skin well with a veggie brush and vinegar wash.

Because they are only available for a short time its best to find ways to tuck them away for the cold, dreary months without their sunshiny flavor fresh in the fruit bowl. On my list is strawberry meyer lemon marmalade, meyer lemon champagne marmalade, Ginger Honey Lemon marmalade, meyer lemon curd, preserved lemons, citrus salt, and candied peel. Some of these are new to me, some I’ve done for several seasons now. Recipes will be following. Just have to locate and edit and upload the pictures. Having both a cell phone camera and a DSLR I can never remember these days if I took the time for “real” pics or just snapped one with my cell phone.