We move…alot. We’ve been married for eight years and in that time we’ve lived in four homes. Two winter rentals at fabulous York Beach and two longer term rentals in neighboring towns. While we hope to move into a more permanent solution each time, we strive to organize ourselves to work better in the small spaces we dwell in and make moving more streamlined as well. This move I have been super into new totes for our things and kitchen containers for our dry goods.

We’ve owned a motley collection of plastic totes for items since before we got married. I had mismatched purple totes from my college days, as well as a large blue footlocker type and a blue and black roughneck tote. My husband had cheap black milk crates and other odds and ends. We bought a matching set of pumpkin orange Rubbermaid totes one year to organize our closet. But they filled up fast and didn’t leave anything for the living room or other areas.

This summer as I wanted to purchase some totes to organize my sewing stuff (so that the husband didn’t have issues distinguishing it from his sewing stuff) I found some nice clear Sterilite totes with tan tops. They came in five sizes from shallow to deep in both small and large sizes. And they are modular. So the smaller ones stack two across on the bigger ones. Perfect right? This fall I saw some clear purple ones in the same style and picked up a couple only to find they were on clearance. So I went right back into Walmart and bought a couple more. At almost half off why not get more? This pre-spring they came in as regular priced items right after Christmas but before Valentines Day. I bought a couple smaller ones, since I had only found the large ones before. Right now though, they are back on clearance. So I’ve been snatching them up as I find them. On my day off I bought eight from the farthest Walmart in the area without going completely out of my way. I think we may have enough to finish repacking the house out of the remaining cardboard boxes and random tote bags. If not the husband has requested clear ones. They also come in opaque tan and opaque purple. The tan/clear line is regularly priced and carried normally, the purple are on clearance. We finished the dining room and living room this weekend, the kitchen last month, the bedroom is free of boxes except some clothes and the spare room is only half boxes-the other half is the orange totes. I have until May to get things done to move out to a new place.

Moving into the kitchen: I have had the same set of stainless steel and plastic containers for flour and sugar since we got married. They looked pretty in the store but between the rubber gasket holding flour and the sticky residue from our crap gas stove getting on everything I owned in the kitchen they looked like junk and performed even worse. I have been looking for something stylish that would work well for years. I had finally given up and Googled what would fit a 5lb bag of flour or sugar and came across the Sistema Bakery system. Which would work, but wouldn’t look shiny and flashy on the counter. A couple weeks later (I kid you not) I came across them at Home Goods and immediately snatched up two large and two medium ones. With white clips unfortunately, but you get what you find at Home Goods, you know? I am in love. The gaskets are tight. They have a 1cup measure thats fairly accurate compared to my Kitchenaid and nameless cup sets. You can see through them perfectly. And they come in all sorts of sizes, including split containers. They are also modular, which is keen for fitting in weird cabinet sizes. I bought some of the split ones to move my sprinkle collection into. The sea air is refreshing, but it gets into everything and keeping moisture out is a big concern.

I also picked up a split large lunch container set on clearance, its a clear and magenta color. It came with one mini container and a little water bottle. I’ve been using it for snacks at work. Veggies in one side, cracker packs in the other. Hummus in the tiny container. Its adorable and fits enough for an adult easily. Not as sure about the sandwich or microwave plate sets, but they look neat. They also make a steamer set. I picked up a yogurt parfait cup also in clear and magenta. It has a nesting spoon, a bottom section for yogurt and a top section for granola or fruit. Haven’t used it yet, but I have no doubt it will acquit itself with perfection. All these have been reasonably priced, although I think the bigger containers have gone up in the last shipment. I swear I paid $4.99 for my medium, but the cracked one I found the other day was marked $5.99.

I also bought the husband the cereal keeper. Nothing is worse than stale, soggy cereal. Since the local Tupperware lady stalked me for three years the last time we made contact I decided it was safer to just grab one of these for our Raisin Bran. This is in a clear and cornflower blue color. So far its worked out perfectly as well. Two of the smaller boxes of Raisin Bran fit inside, but I bought the biggest one they had.

There are also several “sets” of containers. I’ve seen the sixteen piece and the twenty piece in clear and blue, as well as the triple packs of tiny containers for lunches. I’d love to snag a couple of the bakery packs to fill out the things I want to store and have a couple spares for “just in case” Right now I have one for white flour, whole wheat flour, white rice, pancake mix, white sugar, confectioners sugar, and cornmeal. I want one for brown sugar, kosher salt, brown rice, couscous and granola. Possibly a little round one for my pectin (Ball flex batch). Plus I’ve got another couple colors of sprinkles to get contained, and another couple I’m missing which will need contained after I find them. But Home Goods has thwarted me on bringing in the brand and size I normally buy in the correct colors…..lol.

When we have counter space to spare, money to waste and time to get it all done I want the All Clad container set for the counter. Whether I put sugar, flour and oatmeal or whatever in them is another story, they would probably end up with dog biscuits and cookies instead. But they are pretty swanky looking and I’ve yet to own an All Clad item I didn’t like or that made me want to change something about it…