Well, if you are reading this Hurricane Irene did not wipe you off the East Coast into oblivion. You also likely have power (again) or at least some generator boosted internet capability.

For our part-we were without power for about 24hrs. Just enough to suck after work, not enough to ruin everything in the chill chest. Although my wild blackberries did spoil on me. I know-the horror. I am suitably shamed, but I did work the first batch into a strawberry-blackberry jam I named Strawberry Blackout Jam.

I worked both days and even driving around in a borrowed Toyota Yaris with my dad wasn’t terribly scary. The husband worked some extra security shifts and fared ok as well. I came home Sunday night and lit some candles (some=a dozen or more), read a book and had trail mix and chips for dinner.

My tomatoes were not bothered at all, they didn’t fall over in the wind either. Granted I squished them together as close to the back of the SUV as I could, but they didn’t lose a leaf or a fruit at all. The hanging baskets were taken down, and all the flowers fared well. y second planting of peas in the tee-pea planter even sprouted during the storm.

Target ran out of D sized batteries Thursday or Friday night. They have maybe a dozen flashlight type items left. Water and bread were low or out of stock the entire time from Wednesday to Sunday. Fortunately there were no fisticuffs over the last of anything.

I also spent an hour or two picking the elderberries before the storm came through. Picture me hanging out over the river trying to clip the berries as they entwine around another bush. While the puppy looked on and chewed her stick, and sometimes snagged a loose berry. Not sure it was worth the effort for the small amount I will end up with. It was something fun to do though and lovely weather between the rain and the storm.

Hopefully you all are getting back to average life and thinking ahead to how you can prepare better for the next storm. I heard a “k” named storm is already on the move….
(please note the image shown here is not recent….just a random New England rain shower).