Its a sad fact of life that we have to add something like this these days. Back in the day there was either a clear line between people shilling stuff and honest to goodness endorsements just because you loved a product. But enough rumination on how shoddy society is. The FTC is surely just trying to protect your poor imbeciles from us crafty evil bloggers taking over your minds and turning you into mindless drones…..hopefully you can hear the sarcasm as I doubt you are an imbecile and I am certainly not evil, unless its with genius. I’m just an average girl who wants to share her exploits while gardening and preserving.

This blog belongs to me, Angela Watts. There are as of yet no other contributors, although I am open to the possibility. All thoughts therefor, unless otherwise labeled, are my own and thus illustrate my own personal beliefs, thoughts and actions. If a product manufacturer is cited, quotes will be present to tell you if its them speaking and not me. I will not be publishing things I do not believe, or manufacturer’s claims if they are contrary to what I have found from firsthand experience. I joked on my other blog (Mainely Coupons) that a Hawaiian vacation could tempt me to put aside my standards….a free greenhouse or Brinsea incubator would surely sway me, although free seeds and tools are always welcome.

I will be accepting advertising, product endorsement opportunities and other monetary opportunities. But never when they require me to make statements I do not believe, compromise my integrity or go against other endorsement/advertising relationships (couple cases of canning jars from Weck could compel me to turn up my nose at Ball anyday though). These will be clearly marked and disclosed with what I received in return, I normally have a category for such so you can actually see everything thats paid at once. Hopefully in return I will gain some goodies to give away to my readers. They will not be in the form of huge ads, links out the wazoo or annoying pop-ups because I personally hate those things and can assume you do to. If this limits my marketing ability and offers, thats fine with me. I’m just trying to pay for my costs and maybe stumble upon a couple free products to try out while I am at it.

I am open to all offers, I simply won’t accept the offer if it does not fit with my standards or make any sense to link it here. Link exchanges would be swell. I will be slowly expanding the advertising along the same lines as my other websites but feel free to use the contact form and suggest a partnership.


In Summary:

  • I do accept paid advertisements and paid links
  • I do accept product review requests and website/store review requests
  • I do not accept requests which are not in keeping with my blog’s standards or morals
  • I do not hide these paid opportunities, they will be clearly labeled
  • I do post exactly how I think, whether good or bad no matter if the product was free or I was paid to review it

To get a generated boring discolsure policy, go to http://www.disclosurepolicy.org