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House Chicken?

House Chicken in her bucket bath, less flailing and not as much water needed.

You may have seen cute pictures on the internets of people who have chickens who live inside their homes like pets. The scamper about in dust mask diapers or even fancier ones looking adorable and making endearing noises to be held or fed. Our house chicken isn’t that kind of a house chicken. One day when I went out to feed the chickens this winter one of the SLW was limping. So I scooped her up and her leg was all red and mangled looking with swollen toe and dark skin. So I brought her inside for a soak to see if we could figure things out. After drying her off it appeared she had fallen asleep in the snow and possibly frozen to it. She had frostbite down the back of her leg from the knee joint down her foot with the middle toe being very bad-black skin that definitely showed the presence of dead tissue. She couldn’t go back outside with the flock-they’d never let her eat if she could manage to get around enough.

After I slathered her leg with salve I wrapped it in vet wrap, including around and between her toes so they would stay clean. I then refreshed the last popup crate we used for chicks and set her up inside with fresh water with vitamins/electrolytes and mash with tuna and BOSS. Our front room isn’t super toasty, but its warmer than outside by far and its got a nice window for sunlight. Every day at first I had to unwrap and rewrap her leg after cleaning it again. She didn’t mind the soak, but cleaning was not her favorite thing. Her leg cleared up first, the dead scales sloughed off after new stuff came in under it. At that point I was changing the foot wrapping every couple days-still layered with salve. Her toe got darker and the end fell off, leaving her with a nub to get around on. Her other toes seem to have grown farther apart to help stabilize her weight better.

Wrapped after first bath. The fully wrapped toe eventually fell off.

However now that she was healed it was still the middle of winter. I couldn’t just toss her back in the coop, she was too used to the warmer front room. So until its warm at night for at least a couple days I’ve been living with  a mouthy SLW in the front room. She squawks when I get home from work demanding food. She sings the egg song at the top of her voice when I’m trying to sleep in on a weekend. She doesn’t get to roam the house though. I take her out to free range for a bit, she can’t move as fast anymore. She definitely looks amazing from being pampered inside and getting fed first and not having to share with anyone.

House Chicken enjoying some grass. Left side is foot with half a toe. You can kind of see how its wider.
She didn’t appreciate me climbing around taking pics…she can’t get too far away though since she has to work to balance on the uneven ground.

Preserved Lemons Take One

lemons in strainer

Preserved lemons are something I read about on a regular basis. I was tempted, but didn’t figure the husband would really use them or be willing to eat them. But then I figured they would be good in marinades, and I stumbled across a post for making preserved lemon curd. So I had to make some. I followed the instructions from Phickle, cause I was already there drooling over, I mean reading the recipes.

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Lemony Love

lemons in strainer

I’ve always loved lemon flavored things. Lemon drops are some of my favorite candies. Not because they are sour, but because they are tart. Which is subtly different in an upscale adult way. Once I started really branching out into preserving I learned there are more types of lemons than the plain ones we get in the supermarket. There are magical, memorable yellowy-orange globes of magnificence called Meyer lemons. I became obsessed with finding them near me and realized I’ve probably overlooked them for years.
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A Bounty of Beach Roses


One of the best things about moving near the beach is the opportunity to forage the beach roses growing here. I fell in love with rose petal jelly (although its counterpart rose petal jam was a bit yuck) when I made it with my own roses, and the beach rose is more fragrant and purported to be more flavorful as well. Rose hips from beach roses instead of cultivated varieties are also the ones we are accustomed to in tea and jelly. So it is with glee I took my first walk to the beach to scope out the roses….and furtively gathered a couple handfuls of blooms to bring home and tuck away in the fridge.
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Go Forth and Organize


We move…alot. We’ve been married for eight years and in that time we’ve lived in four homes. Two winter rentals at fabulous York Beach and two longer term rentals in neighboring towns. While we hope to move into a more permanent solution each time, we strive to organize ourselves to work better in the small spaces we dwell in and make moving more streamlined as well. This move I have been super into new totes for our things and kitchen containers for our dry goods.
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Tangerine….a Thing of Beauty

tangerine KA

So today I took the plunge and bought a Kitchenaid stand mixer from work (Target). I am now the proud (mostly) owner of a KSM95 in Tangerine. Which is one of the colors we had this summer as a special color. Cost=$299.99 originally, clearance at $149.99 minus my 10% team discount and 5% redcard discount. While I would rather have white than the tangerine color, I figure it will be ages before I find another K mixer at this price. It should do me ok until I can afford to buy the raspberry ice beauty of my dreams. Its a 4.5qt, 300watt. It comes with a stainless bowl, but I just talked to the KA support peeps and the beautiful glass 5qt bowl will fit it perfectly. Which means I can have a nice shiny, made in the US clear bowl for about half of what I paid for it. Guess whats going on my Christmas list? I also think I will likely paint it. Which won’t give me the same pink as the raspberry ice, but I already own a lovely pink or turquoise which would work. There are also textured paints and such which would be keen.
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Gingered Blueberry Nectarine


I went blueberry picking with my mom again this year and still have some berries to use up….about 6 quarts of frozen berries. When we went shopping the other weekend at Walmart they had the most beautiful nectarines…big and round and plump as your palm. Not those little walnut sized ones we get alot of the time. Their color was a deep red/orange with a deep yellow mixed with it. I got them home and decided they needed to go into a jar with the blueberries. All that was left was choosing a spice to flavor it with. Vanilla seemed kind of tame and I didn’t want a citrus, and I don’t have any lovely chillies….so I went with ginger. After all I have grated frozen cubes plus lovely candied bits from The Ginger People.
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Moving House-Again

We have to move yet again. This will mark the fourth place we’ve lived in the seven years we’ve been married and living together. It will be our second winter rental though, which makes it seem like more moves, but at 6-8 months for a winter rental it means you have to move again after you’ve just finally settled in. Our current place we have lived at for two years, but the landlord is being foreclosed upon so out we go. We got six weeks notice…
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Pomegranate Raspberry Thyme Jam


I’m sorting through my files and pictures on my computer, to figure out which recipes have a full compliment of pictures and which could use a bit of help. Most of them still only have a picture of the ingredients, before they boil, after they boil and then in the jars though. I need to convince my husband to help me out or teach my mom how to take pictures with the phone or something…seriously.
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Seeds to Sow

I, like many of my fellow gardeners, am a bit of a seed addict. Which means that even though my bin of seeds is jammed full I’ve already picked up a couple packs of seds this season and am planning a tomato seed purchase. I’m not sure what this season will bring me for available space, but I am contemplating the integration of vining plants into the perennial bed. I miss cukes and squash and pumpkins. I am also looking into obtaining a plot in a community garden.
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